Saturday, August 16, 2008

Watercolor Portrait Demo - Pride

This is the sketch for the portrait that has been transferred onto 140lb Arches Cold Pressed paper. The eyes are actually drawn on that dark as they will be quite dark in the final painting so I don't need to worry about the pencil showing through.

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Blogger Kim said...

that's a beautiful reference photo...
this should look wonderful as a water colour ...especially the scarf :)

8:34 AM  
Blogger Costescu said...

It is a beautiful photo isn't it! I wish I had taken it ;) I found it on MorgueFile, there are some amazing photos on this site!

I have take a few similar photos which I plan to also include in the series but when I saw this one I had to paint it! I just love her eyes and the flow of the scarf is perfect. I have started laying down the initial washes and already it is jumping off the paper, hopefully I won't mess it up ;)

9:30 AM  
Blogger Apple said...

Your artwork is beautiful!!

3:49 PM  
Blogger Costescu said...

Thanks so much Apple :)

4:35 PM  

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