Friday, November 14, 2008

Watercolor Figure Painting - Under My Thumb

Prenatal Portrait of Mother - WatercolorThis is a recent watercolor painting I completed of a soon to be first time mother. I tried to obtain a similar likeness to my graphite portraits but with watercolor rather than pencil. This is the second in a series of prenatal paintings, the first is of the father's hands and will be posted shortly. I wanted to keep this one soft and lighter than the father's hands to further emphasize the femininity of the painting.

I loved the shadows off of the thumbs hence the name of the painting and also liked how the belly ring is stretched nearly to the limit!

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Blogger Lisa Lorenz said...

wow...I am speechless....that is beautiful. My younger sister is 4.5 months pregnant and we are all over the moon.

11:21 AM  
Blogger Costescu said...

oh yay, it is sooo exciting isn't it. It is such an amazing time for everyone invovlved. I really like this one as well, it was a pleasure to paint, everything just seemed to go smoothly, much like the pregnancy :)

4:34 PM  

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