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Click to view Kenny & Amy's Graphite Portrait The way you handle the graphite, Tracey, you achieve more than mere likeness---there is an almost sculptural 3-D feel to this piece that I truly think is exceptional.

I'm partial to dogs but the kitten photo is adorable. I mostly do art from photos but of a much different kind. I really like your style though. The babies feet are too sweet. I can see that one being sent to loved ones to announce a new birth. That one is heart warming as well as spectacular.

Your website is just beautiful! I wish you much success in all your endeavours!

Good luck,
Dr. Linda Hughes

Click to view Kenny & Amy's Graphite Portrait beautiful. Love the skin tones...there's lots of passion in the piece. Stunning!

Click to view Joe's Graphite PortraitThis is absolutely stunning pencil work! You have captured such feeling and emotional in this piece.

Hello! I have seen your art works online and I'm impressed. I think your art has a big future.

Best Regards.

Click to view Joe's Graphite Portrait Like I said before you pencil work is amazing.....wow the job on the girls hair is impressive! What a beautiful emotion you have captured here.

Your art is wonderful. So full of life and beauty. You are talent and I love the way you are exact in the image yet seem to bring soul to the subject matter. I am interested in a picture and am telling my friends and family about your work......beautiful.

British Columbia

Your portraits are amazing! I love the depth of the eyes in your work. You have a special gift!



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