Friday, September 26, 2008

Christmas Card Watercolor Portrait

Every year I say I am going to paint a Christmas card for our family to use rather than sending out a purchased card but I always end up to busy painting commissions that I do not get time to do it. So this year I figured I better start really early and here it is!

The little gift in her hand was imagined as the toy she was playing with was not visible. The red took some playing around to get it right but I think I got it pretty close to how I wanted it. I am going to the printers this weekend to get some prints made for an upcoming show so I will bring this one along and have some cards made as well. Talk about being ahead of the Christmas rush for a change....could be a new tradition...ha or not!

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Cards of Graphite Portraits

These are examples of my cards that I have started printing. I started out printing just as copies for customers to go along with their portraits as usually they are for gifts so this way they would have a print of the portrait for themselves after they give away the original graphite portrait. The cards can be either vertical or horizontal. If they are for customers like the one for the anniversary gift I usually enter a little note inside the card but for the greeting cards that I am selling like the puppy I have chosen to leave it blank.

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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Newborn Baby Birth Announcment

Newborn Baby Graphite Birth Announcment Card This little guy's tootsies are done! It is just a loose sketch, not a fully detailed study as it is going to be used for birth announcement cards and I wanted it to be fairly loose. Posted by Picasa

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