Monday, June 01, 2009

Photos from Frogstone Grill Exhibit

Photo from solo show at Frogstone Grill
Photos from exhibit at Frogstone Grill
Well I am finally getting around to uploading photos from my Frogstone Grill solo exhibit which runs until June 8. The photos are not the greatest as it was a beautiful sunny day, finally, so there is alot of glare from the open windows. The paintings are hung in the bar area where they have live music and a fire place.

I like this exhibit as it gave me a chance to showcase my work without a set theme which allowed for more variety. A fellow artist that I met through my blog, Andrea Pratt, met there a couple of weeks ago to check out my exhibit and brought along a dog, Mala, she is training as a service dog. Apparently she juried a piece of my artwork for my first exhibit at the Federation of Canadian Artists and stumbled across my blog. We have been chatting online ever since and admiring each other's work. Check out her site at her blog at Colouring Outside the Lines or at her website at Andrea Pratt she does very cool work and her blog is quite entertaining :)

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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Solo Exhibit at Frogstone Grill - May 5 to June 8

Watercolor Architectural Painting - Corinthian
Watercolor Still Life - Beached Seashells
I just got back from hanging my artwork at the Frogstone Grill in Coquitlam for a solo exhibit. I have eaten there before and love the decor but did not realize they had live jazz on the weekends so I will definitely have to go check it out on a weekend during my show.
We hung 11 pieces ranging from seashells to architectural paintings so it offers a bit of variety while you are sitting sipping your wine :)

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Solo Exhibit at Frogstone Grill - May 5 - June 8

Watercolor Still Life - Shell Trio
Watercolor Statue - Wicked Winds
I am pleased to announce I will be displaying my artwork at the Frogstone Grill from May 5 until June 8. This exhibit will feature my non-figurative drawing so will be a mix of watercolor paintings ranging from seashells to abstract work so should be fun!

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