Saturday, July 04, 2009

Watercolor Painting - Peeling Paint Update #1

Watercolor Painting Demo - Peeling Paint Well a bit of time has passed since I started this demo as I had to reformat my computer to try to restore my webcam, only to find out that it is a hardware issue, not software so now I need to find my warranty for my computer...awk! I never buy the extended warranty, perhaps I jinxed myself by buying it as I have only had the computer for less than a year...ok enough griping!

So I meant to take a photo earlier but was so happy to be back painting that I forgot. I painted in transferred the drawing and then masked off the whites so I could paint the dark layers of wood beneath the peeling paint without having to worry about saving my whites.

I used several layers of paint, more than I thought I would need, and will continue to add more layers as the painting progresses to give more depth. The bricks were under painted with yellow to give a bit of a glow through the layers I plan to add on top. I am going to make the bricks warmer than in the reference photo to add more contrast & because I like warm bricks :)

The house has been under painted with several layers of a blueish gray painting in some of the darker areas just to keep things balanced. I am still debating on how much detail to add to the windows as I am tempted to add the detail I see within the window panes but will wait to see how the painting progresses as it may be more interesting just to see the play on lights & darks.

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Monday, June 08, 2009

Online Gallery for Original Artwork

Well I finally got around to uploading my original artwork to my website and I am so happy with the end result. I wasted a ton of time creating the little Buy buttons for PayPal as I didn't want the standard buttons. Turned out there was a bug in my original file. Deleted, recreated the button & viola ;)

Adding all of the artwork took awhile as well as I had to format all the images and tweak here and there but the majority of the work is done. I need to play with the logos a bit as they are pretty basic right now and may rearrange the navigation a bit.

I tried to create a separate look and feel from the commission portrait area of the website so that it looks almost like two separate websites but are still connected. I may actually get a domain with my name, but as no one can ever say my name correctly, I wonder if they would ever find it ;)

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