Monday, April 06, 2009

Family Fun Day was a Blast!

It was a beautiful sunny day here yesterday which we have not had a lot of so we did not know if people would be too tempted to stay outside and play rather than come in and do art with us. Well, we had a huge turn out and had a blast! There was clay sculpting, a family tree craft and portrait drawing led by yours truly :) It was so much fun as the ages ranged from around 3 to 16 and it was great to see that the activities were enjoyed by all ages.

Some were happy to play with the erasers and crayons while others ended the day with some very nice portraits of Mona Lisa and the Easter Bunny, both famous and very well respected subjects ;) It was really fun to hear some of the conversations as the kids drew as well, "Mommy did you know the Easter Bunny is Purple?", very serious discussions ;) I am looking forward to checking out the next Family Fun Day with my family, it is a great way to wind down a Sunday afternoon!

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Friday, April 03, 2009

Made the cover - too cool

Well I made the cover of the Tri-City News for my solo exhibit at Place des Arts, very cool :) The is a huge photo on the inside on the community section as well with different artwork and me again, I will try to scan it and upload as well :) Great for the scrapbook....if I every get to starting it anyway! I will also be in the Wed paper so I will have to keep an eye out for it!

Photos courtesy of Craig Hodge from the Tri-City News.

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Friday, March 27, 2009

Photos from Beneath the Layers Solo Exhibit at Place des Arts

Tracey Costescu Portrait ArtistTracey Costescu's Solo ExhibitSolo Exhibit Tracey CostescuLast night was alot of fun and I think a success :) We had a very nice turn out at the exhibit. By the time my photographer, aka my hubby, took photos many of the guests had left but this an idea of how the show looked with all the guests. It was a nice mix as there were many fellow artists and friends and I met a few new people as well which is nice. It is such a great venue and the other artists works were very nice and I think all of the artwork worked very well together.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tomorrow is the 'big night'!

Well it has been a busy week, ok year, but now I can sit back & relax :)I have dropped everything off at Place des Arts for my solo exhibit which starts tomorrow and now I can just relax and enjoy the show! Luckily my hubby is totally a keener and packaged everything up for me and dropped it off so all I had to do was unpack and help set up the artwork to be hung!

The Exhibit Director, Barbara Duncan, actually invites artists to join in at the hanging so they can provide input as to how the show is hung which was really great as it makes you think of things from a gallery's perspective and also helps you to really see the artwork as a whole, which being this many pieces, was pretty cool!

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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Just when I was feeling ahead of the game...

Exhibition FramesI ordered my frames and matts for my upcoming solo exhibit at Place des Arts in March and had to take a photo of the work I have ahead of me! This is what fifty 16x20 frames looks like with fifty double matts on top. Don't mind the painting drying on top of the stack, why waste the space ;)

Clearly they do not fit into my studio this way, they are so orderly looking, it is almost a shame to unpack them! I am starting to get very excited about the exhibit now, I can't believe it is less than a month away. So let's see, if I frame 2 pieces a day.... awk :)

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Live Demo at Place des Arts - April 5, 2009

It looks like the date for my demo at Place des Arts will be April 5. The staff there have been busy developing a new program called Family Day which is a chance to learn about art in a fun interactive way. The first Family Day was held last weekend which included a tour of the exhibitions that are currently on display with guest artists.

After the tour, there were three drop-in style workshops geared for all ages. This gave everyone the chance to create their own artworks based on what they learned during the tour. Michael Fera (they guy holding the palette & brush in the cartoon) then hosted some interactive art activities. Talk about an afternoon well spent!

I think the format will be similar on April 5 and I am totally excited to see how it all unfolds. It sounds like a great program, what a great idea! Check out their site for future dates and to register for the upcoming Family Days on April 5 and May 10 at

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Watercolor Portrait - Ready or Not

Watercolor Portrait - Ready or NotI have been working on this painting at the same time as another one of the same model and I think this one is complete. There are a few minor tweaks I may make but I need to get a bit more distance to be sure.

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Watercolor Figure Painting - Walking on Air

Watercolor Figure Painting - Walking on Air
This painting is a little different than the previous paintings for my exhibit in March at Place des Arts. I wanted an etheral feeling to her as she just seemed so calm and peaceful yet so full of movement.

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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Studio Lighting

I am nearly finished two more paintings in my series for the exhibit at Place des Arts in March. I have been really getting a great deal of painting done lately due to late night and early morning painting sessions, who new there were all these extra hours in the day ;) I recently purchased a couple Ott Lights and they have made a world of difference in my lighting set up. During the day my studio has a south facing window so light is not a big issue most days but at night they are a must.

I still need to mount them to something somehow, or should I say my husband needs to. He did offer, he really needs to think before he speaks ;) I am hoping to have the lights set up so that they can be above me and slightly behind me yet still have them mobile so that I can easily adjust them for taking photos of my finished artwork as well as for taking reference photos of still life's.

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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Watercolor Figure Painting - Into the Blue

Watercolor Figure PaintingThis is a figure painting that I just finished for my upcoming exhibit at Place des Arts in March.

I have never painted water before and I am quite happy with the way this painting turned out, both the water and the flesh tones. I tried to caputure the peaceful anticipation of being engulfed in water, warm of course ;)

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Watercolor Figure Portrait - Lazy Days

Watercolor Figure Portrait
This is another painting I started for my solo exhibit at Place des Arts but did not get a chance to finish due to commissions. I had painted it in January but when I was putting the finishing touches on the background I had a major accident!
I had used masking tape to get some nice crisp lines but did not push the tape down enough and the paint leached onto the figure. Only small amounts but enought to totally wreck the painting, ugh.

So I painted the figure again in sepia rather than cobalt blue as I had originally done and left the background light and with a bit of texture, which I think looks better anyway. I liked the cobalt blue but I like the sepia more so it all worked out for the best in the end :)

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Watercolor Figure Portrait - Untitled

This is another watercolor figure portrait done with a monochromatic palette of sepia for an upcoming exhibit at Place des Arts.

It is part of a series of paintings that will be on exhibit in March 2009, 7 paintings down, 31 more to complete, haha, good thing I work best under pressure!

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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Photos from Suite E Exhibit at Place des Arts

These are a few photos from the Suite E Life Drawing exhibit at Place des Arts. Today is last day of the exhibit so I thought I would grab a few photos before the artwork is taken down. It was a lot of fun and I am looking forward to my solo exhibit next year at Place des Arts in the same gallery.

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Monday, March 24, 2008

Place des Art Exhibit

Well it has been a busy weekend but the opening reception seemed to be a sucess for the Suite E group at Place des Arts on Thursday. The gallery was close to full at times and people really seemed to enjoy the artwork.

It was fun watching people looking at the work and the best part though was watching people press their faces as close to the artwork as they could to try to figure out how it was done :) The exhibit runs until April 19th so please check it out if you are in the area.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Group Exhibit at Place des Arts

The group that is exhibiting the Suite E Life Drawing group that I belong to. There are a ton of very talented artists in the group so when I moved to the area I was so excited to be so close to such a great pool of talent not to mention weekly live models!
I was also very excited (I get too excited about art ;)) to see one of my paintings used on Place des Arts website as it is my first real exhibit since I quite my day job (the one that supports my art addiction) to pursue art full time.
If you are in the area the opening exhibit is March 20 from 7:30 - 9 pm and there will be free appies and all of the artists will be there.

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