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Graphite Portrait - Father's Day Gift Commission  

Graphite Pencil on Arches watercolor paper
18 x 24"

This portrait was commissioned as a Father's Day Gift for the father by his wife.

Good Morning Tracey,
Our portrait arrived yesterday. If you recall I had it delivered to my mother’s office. Upon arrival she decided to open it and showed many in her office the portrait, she said she just wanted to make sure it didn’t have damage and so forth, but I know she was just as excited to see it. She then proceeded to have it special gift wrapped with a big bow.

Stacy’s reaction to his gift – amazement is the only word to describe. As the pics show he kept staring, amazed at the detail, the capture of Marquis & Kaili, smiling at how you even captured the waves in his hair on the Kaili & daddy profile. Just elated wonder, that I believe just left him at a lost for words. = )

He decided that he wanted to place it in our office and I found the perfect spot for it, you will be able to see it as you come up the stairs and upon leaving our desk area you’ll be facing the portrait and therefore be able to admire it.

Thank you so much Tracey – I teared as I looked at it because it is “Daddy & His Kids” that is captured on canvas forever.

Be Blessed & Take Care


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