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The better the quality of the photo used in the portrait, the better quality of portrait I am able to produce.

  1. For digital photos, the image should be in .jpg format and at least 300 dpi. Please use a resolution of 1280 x 1024 or higher if possible. Try to use at least a 400 mega-pixel camera or higher. Send the original photo without cropping or altering as this also lowers the quality of the photo.

  2. Minimum head size should be 2.5 inches, measured from top of head to bottom of chin.

  3. Posed shots with huge smiles can often look unnatural. Try to use casual, candid shots which will result in a more intimate and interesting portrait.

  4. Don't use the flash! The flash eliminates shadows that help add depth and interest. Side lighting is best. But as long as photo is not too light or washed out and the subject is properly lighted; no dark shadows that hide the subject.

  5. For children and pets, try to get down to their level to take the photo.

  6. Please send several photos of each subject if you can. If possible, take a few close-up shots of the face as well in the same pose to capture the smaller details. If a background or special item is to be included in the portrait, please include details shots as well. A brief bio of the subject is also very helpful if I can not meet them in person to help capture their personality and mannerisms.

  7. Group portraits can be created from separate photos. It is best to send several images and preferably an image with all subjects in one photo so I can best judge the size relationship of each subject. I would then create a mock up for you to see and we would work together until we are happy with the layout prior to starting the actual portrait.

Some tips for photo selection are below:

If you do not have access to a scanner and/or computer, Kinkos offers services for scanning and emailing your photos.


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